Commercial Security

The constant monitoring of camera output is expensive and difficult to achieve. Human operators have a very limited concentration span and individuals of interest to them can number many hundreds. Operative assessment is the gold standard for interpretation and response to an event, but this can be significantly enhanced with detection and prioritisation using i-Abra's Surveillance Analysis for Commercial Security.

The service utilises a predefined watch list of individuals that our machine learning or artificial intelligence engine has processed. The platform can then analyse the video stream from many simultaneous sources and alert the operator if an individual of interest is observed. Decisions can be made and resources employed effectively at this point.

Watch lists can be extended to include objects or objects in relation to specific CCTV zones or areas. This allows alerts to be set if objects are abandoned, or areas entered.

i-Abra's Surveillance Analysis integrates with existing CCTV infrastructure enhancing it to provide unparalleled operational efficiency.

The service can enable:

  • Archive footage analysis
  • Real-time video analysis
  • High throughput analysis
  • Value creation from video data
  • Cost effective machine vision
  • Object recognition
  • Person recognition
  • Rapid movement facial recognition
  • Multiple face capture at distance
  • Unique person counting
  • Gender identification

i-Abra's Surveillance Analysis for Commercial Security extracts the information organisations need from both realtime and archive footage. The platform allows for highly customised analysis and reporting, allowing a variety of use cases and deployment scenarios to be achieved. For example; pre-defined alerts based on a specific watch list can be pushed to mobile devices. This could enable rapid response where needed, or where it is impractical to deploy monitoring screens.