Security and
analytics for
the sector

Gaming & Leisure

By combining the security and analytical capabilities of i-Abra's Rapid Recognition platform, the Gaming and Leisure sector can improve security and business decisions by opening the information within their video data.

Casinos within group ownership or in cooperation can profit from well correlated and shared information in relation to known threats to their operations from individuals or gangs. Video surveillance is an essential business tool for casino operators, i-Abra's Rapid Recognition brings a new generation of advanced search and detection tools with new features required by these customers for safeguarding operations.

Stadia represent both a venue for leisure and a challenge due to their public and crowded nature. i-Abra's Rapid Recognition platform can be utilised from a public safety and security perspective, ensuring excluded individuals and those involved in incidents are identified. The platform can also perform those tasks most closely associated with retail analytics such as unique visitor counting.

From a security perspective, the platform can deliver:

  • Real time surveillance analysis
  • Archived surveillance analysis
  • Banned or known offenders identification
  • Security / staff identification,
    location and welfare
  • Object identification
  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Abandoned baggage
  • Doorway surveillance
  • Real-time mobile access for personnel

By utilising the analytical tools available on the platform, customer centric information can be acquired:

  • Unique visitor counting
  • Visitor return frequency and
    dwell time on premises
  • Multi premises analytics on
    demand from head office
  • Customer demographics
  • Visitor path through premises
  • Game select and time played
  • Transaction / spin per session
    or allotted time period