use of
and video

Homeland Security

i-Abra's Rapid Recognition for Homeland Security provides analysis of archived surveillance video and real-time video streams.

Rapid Recognition is a high performance platform for surveillance and image analytics. It removes many of the existing limitations to image processing such as perfect viewing angles. The platform can scale to contend with very large data sets and deliver archive analysis at many times real time. Saving time and resources.

i-Abra Rapid Recognition for Homeland Security can provide solutions for:

  • Real time identification of known suspects
  • Archive search for known suspects
    at many times real time
  • Integration of suspect images
    from many sources
  • Real-time mobile access for personnel
  • Object recognition such as firearms
    or other deadly weapons
  • Multi video source integration
    including CCTV and body worn cameras
  • Identifying person of interest within
    crowded and Public Spaces

i-Abra's Rapid Recognition platform can find known and wanted individuals in real time video and archive footage. The integration of watchlists from a variety of sources and the use of streams or footage from cameras in a variety of environments, can deliver efficient use of images and video available to Homeland Security Agencies.