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Rapid Recognition

At i-Abra we see images as data. Transforming this data into information that our customers can use in support of their decisions is core to our business.

There is a no lack of video from CCTV or other sources, and images are captured millions of times every second from an increasing range of devices. The opportunity to turn this data into valuable information is delivered by i-Abra's range of Rapid Recognition services.

Our platforms can facilitate the use of image data in many different ways, from finding a face in the crowd, knowing how often an individual has visited you, or if they have left something behind. The advances in camera technology now means they can see more in light not visible to humans, but it is all data to us. Let us turn this into the information you seek and help you make the decisions important to you. i-Abra provides cost effective automatic image analysis, previously restricted to the largest organisations. Unlocking the value of machine vision, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence for your decision making needs.

i-Abra platforms can deliver services such as

  • Archive footage analysis
  • Real-time video analysis
  • High throughput analysis
  • Value creation from video data
  • Cost effective machine vision
  • Object recognition
  • Person recognition
  • Rapid movement facial recognition
  • Multiple face capture at distance
  • Unique person counting
  • Gender identification

Huge quantities of data can now be recorded and stored for analysis at speeds beyond that of any operator. New benefits and value for both public and private sectors are being gained by harnessing underutilised image data through visual intelligence.

The service is delivered via a plug and use appliance. Our workflow based user interface empowers organisations by providing a workbench of analytical tools for real-time and archive analysis.