Retail Analytics

Traditionally the prime driver for retail CCTV has been to control stock shrinkage and to protect customer and staff welfare. This investment can now deliver greater utility. The data captured by these systems can be transformed into invaluable information, delivering unparalleled operational business intelligence.

i-Abra deploys service platform nodes to the optimal location on the customer infrastructure, this is often within a store or mall. Each node can then be treated either individually, or can be grouped as a whole, allowing a richer analysis of premises.

i-Abra's Retail Analytics opens the information residing in your CCTV footage data, enabling critical decisions to be made.

Retail Analytics provides:

  • Footfall information for tenant reviews
  • Merchandising display linger time
  • Visitor frequency to multiple locations
  • Relative footfall per site by demographic
  • Accurate unique visitor counting
  • Visitor frequency
  • Visitor time in store
  • Demographic data: age, gender, sizing
  • Path through store analysis