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Technology Strategy

The volume of data created by our world is constantly increasing. This data has driven i-Abra to innovate and deliver solutions to organisations seeking to use it. Allowing them to derive the information that enables decisions to be made.

Computing faces a new paradigm driven by a greater array of tasks and ever increasing user numbers wanting more capacity to cope with increasing data. The complexity of these systems cannot obscure the productivity of these users, but must present an intuitive working environment for even the most complex operation.

i-Abra’s services have been designed from the ground up, integrating the technologies to overcome these evolving challenges.

Our services are engineered and optimised for the task in hand ensuring efficient use of resources. Our platforms, supporting these services, require high performance computing. Like other complex engineered systems, these platforms touch the limits of the current state of the art. Our use of artificial intelligence in the core of our software enables us to further optimise our platforms, releasing the true potential of the information within your data.

i-Abra understands that deriving value from data requires innovative solutions to overcome the challenges. If the data can’t come to us, then we can go to the data. i-Abra’s platforms are engineered to the task in hand, this includes ensuring they can be deployed in a variety of environments to deliver the service wherever the end user needs it.